Our little magic show has a great cast and the best crew at the festival. 

Stars of the show:

Paul Nathan stars as Jack Swindle. Paul is one of the top magicians working in the world today.  Paul performs all over the world, from Dubai to Dallas, San Francisco to Sydney. For the past year Paul co-starred in the Quilitz show on tour throughout Germany.kamee-photo

John Anaya co-stars as the loveable minstrel sidekick. John performs in a number of bands, produces music, and co-stars in productions with Paul. 

Production Team

The show is produced by Unusual Productions, a theatrical production company based out of San Francisco, California in associate with Climate Theater - Joegh Bulloch, artistic director.

Paul Nathan - Executive Producer.

Drew Letchworth - Director. Drew is like our puppet master.  We all just dance around until he cuts the strings.

Kamee Abrahamian - Associate Producer. Kamee is responsible for business development and relationships at the Edinburgh Festival. 

John Anaya - Musical Director. John composed and produces all the music in the live show and produced the Devil in the Deck music album. 


Bob runs Damp Rabbit Design and manages our websites.Tiff walking in the meadow.Tiff Golarz - Technical Director. If it blinks, buzzes, needs batteries or goes boom then Tiff is in charge of it.  Plus, look at her - This girl rocks a tool belt. 

Writers: Paul Nathan and Drew Letchworth

Yevgenya Spelvin - Soul fluffer. Born in Ukraine 31 years ago, Yev is the latest addition to our team. Yevgenya spends her days emailing potential partners, managing advertising, and pronouncing her name slowly to people on the other end of the phone over and over and over.  "Y - E - V - G - E - N - Y - A - Yevgenya." Her patience is saintly. 

Bob Mendelsohn - webmaster.  All around good egg. Bob reigns in Paul's worst design decisions and generally keeps things humming along. 

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