Acclaimed magician Paul Nathan's outrageous tales of Love, Magic, and Adventure. Accompanied by John Anaya's stylish and moving music, "Devil" is an elegant blend of stories, music, and enthralling close-up magic.
The Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Daily 16:10

Show Closed on Mondays

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Devil in the Deck is a decadent world of delightful flim flam, breath-taking endeavors, and torturous sleight-of-hand. Paul Nathan (HBO, MTV, Start Trek Voyager) plays Jack Swindle, a con man cursed at birth by a bad tarot reading. Jack spends his life cheating at cards and cheating death to break the gypsy curse. Adventure, and fate intertwine while John Anaya creates a lush musical soundscape that envelops you. Paul and John weave each moment into a modern day fairytale. Paul pulls you into Jack's life. You experience every sensation. Jack runs with the bulls in Pamplona, you run next to him and feel the vibration of the hoofs through the cobbled streets. He falls in love, you fall in love too. You feel the heartbreak of every loss and the exhilaration of every win. And you realize-all you want to do is play his game. This show reminds us that what we risk is who we are.

Live music and funny faces by John Anaya (Wasting the Spark, Revenge of Paco).

Directed by Drama-Logue Award winner Drew Letchworth (Mrs. Doubtfire, the right stuff, Twisted).

 Devil in the Deck Tarot Cards

This show is produced by Climate Theater in association with Unusual Productions.

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