Cast and crew of the best magic show at the fringe.

Star Charts:

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The show stars Paul Nathan and John Anaya.  John joined the show after answering an ad for a guitar player on Craigslist.  John was the third guitarist to answer the ad. After John came on board Paul stopped looking.

Drew Letchworth directs the show. Drew was inspired by Paul's earlier work and came on board to help create a show that was better than Paul could have done on his own.  The stories are all Paul's but much of the writing and the way they are told is all Drew. When not reminding Paul to stop making "piggy eyes" on stage Drew raises chickens and performs at corporate events in the bay area.


Magic facts:

Paul uses two new packs for playing cards each time he performs Devil in the Deck.  

When Paul is rehearsing he goes through three to four decks of playing cards a day.

Paul never uses gaffed cards "trick cards". It's not that he doesn't like them or that he has anything against them. It's just that all the tricks he is interested in either don't need them or he has figured out a way to do the trick with a regular deck.  In fact, Paul gets his cards from Costco. 

Backstage stories

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Backstage with the artists there is always a ton of drama and intrigue.  The decadent lifestyle of an itinerate magician and his wayward musical accomplice is a great spawning ground for a variety of rumors.  We would like to clear a few up a few of the more pernicious and least accurate rumors.
Yes, the stories in Devil in the Deck are true.

Yes Paul's mother is superstitious

Yes Paul ran with the bulls in Spain (several times)

Yes there was a tarot card reading and yes it was predicted that Paul would die young. 

Sorry ladies, John is in a relationship. (wait... not anymore - he's currently available but we will see how things go after his date tonight - can you say Asian Flu boys and girls... I knew you could)
John is the father of a teenage wunderkind named Alia.

Paul has no children, no pets, and no plants. He travels constantly with occasional visits to his home in San Francisco.

Paul is single and available.  He likes long walks on the beach, the color mauve, and slow kissing. 

Paul's ideal woman is smart, sexy, unscrupulous, edgy, and very very wealthy.  Extra points for nobility.

John and Paul both learned their skills out of books at a young age. Around the age of six John's uncle gave him a book of guitar lessons and Paul's mother gave him a bunch of magic books around the same time.  John went on to get a degree in music, Paul studied philosophy, history, and art in college so he is unfit for employment outside of showbusiness.

Yes the photos of Kamee and Tiff are real and yes they are actually that pretty (prettier in person actually). 

No, the photos of Paul and John are not touched up - they are actually that sexy.  

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