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Acclaimed magician Paul Nathan's outrageous tales of Love, Magic, and Adventure. Accompanied by John Anaya's stylish and moving music,
"Devil" is an elegant blend of stories, music, and enthralling close-up magic.
The Pleasance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Daily 16:10

Show Closed on Mondays

Members of the Fourth Estate, welcome to our press page. Here we have information that you can use when researching Devil in the Deck.

Unfortunately we have not updated this page for the Edinburgh Fringe yet. We should have it up by the morning so do come back please.

Devil in the Deck is a decadent world of delightful flim flam, breath-taking endeavors, and torturous sleight-of-hand. Paul Nathan (HBO, MTV, Start Trek Voyager) plays Jack Swindle, a con man cursed at birth by a bad tarot reading. Jack spends his life cheating at cards and cheating death to break the gypsy curse. Adventure, and fate intertwine while John Anaya creates a lush musical soundscape that envelops you. Paul and John weave each moment into a modern day fairytale. Paul pulls you into Jack's life. You experience every sensation. Jack runs with the bulls in Pamplona, you run next to him and feel the vibration of the hoofs through the cobbled streets. He falls in love, you fall in love too. You feel the heartbreak of every loss and the exhilaration of every win. And you realize-all you want to do is play his game. This show reminds us that what we risk is who we are.  Live music and funny faces by John Anaya (Wasting the Spark, Revenge of Paco). Directed by Dram Logue Award winner Drew Letchworth (Mrs. Doubfire, the right stuff, Twisted). This show is produced by Climate Theater in association with Unusual Productions.

The men and women behind the men and women of the greatest magic show ever. 

Drew Letchworth - Director. 

Chicken rancher, character actor, yodeling singer of songs. Drew is our puppet master; we all just dance around until he cuts the strings. After each show there is a half hour of notes about our performances.  Most of them are reminders for Paul to open his eyes and smile on stage. Drew is a Dramalogue Award winning actor from San Francisco.  Drew performed in The Right Stuff and Mrs. Doubtfire as well as co-founding Frutella Balognia, the west coast's first modern improv troup.

Kamee Abrahamian - Associate Producer.

kamee-photoBurlesque dancer, international business woman and all around hottie.  Kamee is responsible for business development and relationships at the Edinburgh Festival. She is the pretty face of the Devil.  Kamee is beautiful, charming, cruel and just a little bit sneaky. Think fem fatale with a darker heart.

Kamee's job as associate producer on this show spans a lot of job descriptions.  She handles all of our press connections and public relations.  Which is a good thing as neither Paul nor John are presentable most of the time.  Kamee is also the one who manages our relationships with other organizations and partnerships with other theater companies. . The kind of lady who makes a man wish he was a better person so he could be worthy of such a strong, sexy, smart, bit of hot crumpet.  Kamee other projects include production work with Re-Circle Collective and Blood Ballet Cabaret. Kamee is here to meet people and make friends both for the show and for herself so send her a note or hit us up at the show. Kamee wants to meet you.



Tiff Golarz - Technical Director

If it buzzes, beeps, blinks, or goes boom Tiff is in charge of keeping it's batteries charged.  

Born of humble Canadian breeding stock, Tiff grew up in a small farm village near Banff where she honed her skills by milking cows and petting puppies but she longed for more.  Tiff yearned for the bright lights of show business. But what is a poor Canadian farm girl to do?  One day, after feeding the chickens, Tiff stowed away on a bus bound for the big city and her dreams. Tiff's rise in show business has been has been meteoric - in the sense of a meteor crashing into the earth.  So now she is stuck working on this show and she is pissed. 

Yevegenya Chityan - Soul Fluffer.

Yevgenya is our Ukrainian secret weapon.

Her mother was a fem fatale for the KGB so Yev grew up in a world of intrigue and mystery. Yevgenya spies on other shows, reports back to us and advises us on assassination techniques. You will notice that we have not posted a picture of her... That's because she is a spy - Duh!


Bob Mendelsohn - Webmaster

Contributing Web wunderkind, Graphic Artist, All around good egg.

Master of all things internet, Bob's I'm a Little Teapot video has gone viral with over 40 million downloads. Millions more views of Bob's other YouTube projects. Bob designs, creates, and manages websites for a wide variety of businesses especially artists, theaters, and bands. Check out his work at Damp Rabbit.

Bob is also a world class juggler and one of the funniest people we know.  Paul and Bob met in a previous life when Paul was frightening guests at a nightclub in LA and Bob was being lovable and making crowds adore him. Bob's brush with fame included a few appearances on TV and in film. On the set of Shakes The Clown, Bob spent a few days teaching Bobcat how to be a bad clown. 

Writers: Paul Nathan and Drew Letchworth

The show was initially written by Paul Nathan and comes from stories about his life. Drew Letchworth came on board to direct and began making suggestions. Eventually there was so much of drew in the show that it has to be acknowledged that half of the writing is his along with many of the best ideas. 

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